Hydraulic grab for the sand-lime brick industry

Safe, economical and effective

Sand-lime brick packages are transported using hydraulic stone scissor grips. They are used on forklifts, mobile cranes or gantry cranes.

The hydraulic grippers meet the requirements of the sand-lime brick industry. They ensure rapid transport within the factory and the fastest possible loading of the vehicles.

The grips, which have been tried and tested for many years now, are constantly subject to further development. They are made of high quality material and are able to accommodate large loads even though they are relatively light.

• Robust design - using high-strength steels
• High load-bearing capacity
• Narrow, rotatably mounted gripping arms
• Integrated control block with pressure relief valves and load-holding valves
• High-performance hydraulic unit type HG1A-3000 for use on gantry cranes

Technical data

Hydraulic grab for the sand-lime brick industry
Grab model HG1 HG1 HG1T-3250 HG1T-4500 HG1T-6000 HG1A-3000
For use with
Loading crane x x
Forklift truck x x x
Gantry crane x
Opening width [m] - - 0,75-1,40 0,75-1,40 0,75-1,40 0,75-1,40
Gripping width [m]


0,96 0,96-1,00 0,96-1,00 0,96-1,00 0,96-1,00
Gripping height [m] 1,01-1,12 1,01-1,65 1,20 1,20 1,20 1,20
Load-bearing capacity [kg] 3000 1600 3250 4500 6000 3250
Weight [kg] 520 570 760 980 1250 900


Accessories - Hydraulic grab for the sand-lime brick industry


Hydraulic grip for the sand-lime brick industry - accessories

• Handrails with spring-loaded plastic jaws or wear-resistant
   profile rubber in different lengths
• Pendulum-mounted double grip rails with spring-loaded plastic jaws or
   wear-resistant profile rubber
• Spring-loaded support braces for a secure hold on the outer package area

Accessories for HG1T

• Forklift carrier arms with fixed unloading or hydraulically
  extendable, with integrated stabilizers for damping the swinging
   movement of the grab in the direction of travel, integrated hydraulic
   endlessly rotating motor
• Hydraulic sideshift
• Electromagnetic switching valves for selecting one of two hydraulic
   functions with only one control circuit of the forklift
• Electromagnetic shut-off valves for stabilizers to detect swinging
   movements for the precise picking-up and setting-down of partial packages

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