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Various accessories for the different grippers allow for the configuration of the stone stacking grabs to suit the particular application.
The dimensioning takes place accordingly, further accessories available on request.


Gripping bars

Application: Building materials trade concrete block industry sand-lime brick industry
Gripping bar pair with:
wear-resistant profile rubber x x x
spring-loaded plastic jaws x x
spring-loaded steel plates / braces x x x x
Double gripping bars with:
wear-resistant profile rubber x
spring-loaded plastic jaws x x
spring-loaded steel plates x


Fastening materials

Servo suspension: Suitable for the respective rotary servo for truck loading crane
Forklift cross beams: For picking up with forklift trucks with built-in rotary servos and integrated stabilizers to compensate for swinging movements.
Forklift carrier arm: Fasteners for stone scissor grabs on the forklift truck, optionally with integration into the forklift mast to increase the residual load capacity
depending on needs equipped with:

• Rotary servo
• Integrated stabilizer to balance the swinging movements
• Hydraulic extension with ejection cylinder
• Sideshift in sliding guide


Other accessories

Rotating servos: hydraulic endlessly rotating servos according to the required load-bearing capacity
Rotating servo tilt unit: to reduce the overall height; Pivot locked in working position.
Quick change device: for a quick change to another device on the truck loading crane
Height stop: for setting the exact gripping height
Support sheets: to support the outer rows of stones
Spring-loaded braces: and protective grid between the grab arms
Insertable braces: to increase the grip length
Balancing bar for brick packages: one-sided to compensate for dimensional tolerances in brick transport
Insertable braces, of which 2 are spring loaded: only with balancing bars
Adjustable stops: for DZ 3-200
electromagnetic shut-off valve: when using stabilizers for determining the pendulum movement
electromagnetic changeover valve: if a control circuit is missing
Cable reel - 8-core when used on the gantry crane with a hydraulic unit and remote control
Control bulb including emergency stop button     when used on the gantry crane with a hydraulic unit and remote control
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